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Monday, March 19, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up. A Day Late and A Dollar Short...

Except, OK, it's not really just a day late.  More like three.  Or four.  Or really, since I've not done one in several weeks, it's probably actually much more late than that.

Oh well.

Such is life, right?

And if you have read this blog before--at any time--you know that I am far from a perfect, on-time homeschooling Mommy.  (Although you also know that I am kind of a control freak, so NOT being perfect and on-time drives me slightly crazy!)

But, ANYWAY, here is a little snapshot of our week last week...

We started our week out loving our new schoolroom--and trying to remember where everything was!  Spent a few mornings getting the feel of math in our pajamas,

(o.k., so now that I look more closely at the picture, that's actually Science.  Oops!), chasing the kitty away from all now-accessible schoolbooks,

eating chocolate chips as we learned about taxes, and how the British were making the new colonists very angry, (I sooo wish I had taken pictures of the indignant faces that my kiddos had as I handed them a bowl full of chocolate chips, and then taxed them down to having only one or two left!  Bug actually raided the tax pile to eat what he had originally had!  A future tax evader?)

talking about transportation in the original colonies vs. today,

and celebrating Turtle's birthday, with our original donut cake, and a small sleepover party.  Ugh!

Also, the weather right now is absolutely gorgeous!!!  We have been taking lots of walks, exploring our new neighborhood, and the new creatures that are living in it--oh, yeah, and our new neighbors! 

That's about it for our week, ladies and gentlemen.  Hope you all had a productive and happy week yourselves! I hooked this post up with Kris at weird, unsocialized homeschoolers.


  1. We have pretty much dropped anything that took us past lunchtime so that we could enjoy the unusually warm sunny weather we have been blessed with here in NY for the past 3 days! Thank you for linking up with us over at NOBH!

  2. I laughed reading about bug raiding the chips - what a great way to show how the revolution began!



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