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Friday, March 30, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up and a Wax Museum

We are still trying to fight the spring fever that has crept slowly into our home--both from the beautiful (and not yet super hot) weather, and the illnesses from the allergies that the beautiful weather has brought to us. We have continued to plug along with our schoolwork, but I have been more and more tempted to use the phrase, "we'll just move that to tomorrow". 

And I have. 

Several times.

As a result, we haven't really gotten too far with our group work lately. We have worked our way into, and almost through, the American Revolution, complete with a cool "re-enactment" of one of Washington and Cornwallis' battles.  

We are about halfway through our study of John Audubon, which is supposed to be for Firefly, but Bug has been joining us for it as well (and, truthfully, probably getting more out of it than Firefly has!)

But the big news this week was both girls' participation in our area's Living Wax Museum. This was a really wonderful event for all of our local homeschoolers to take part in. Each student was to pick a character and do some research on them. At the event, children were encouraged to dress in character, with props if wanted, and to hold a pose in their "exhibit spot". Each child had a sticker on them, and when a guest pressed the sticker, it turned their exhibit on. The child would then give their rehearsed speech, and guests could ask questions (that the child had prepared) afterward.

What a great event!

Firefly decided to be Harriet Tubman, as she has been fascinated with the stories of slavery that we've covered this year. I was so proud of her, as she put together, memorized, and gave her speech numerous times without batting an eye! Many, many times, my kids amaze me!

Turtle also participated, which in and of itself, was almost shocking. Turtle does. not. like. to. speak. publicly.

At all.


So, I just kept silent and wondered to myself as she signed up, picked a character, did her research, put her costume together, and practiced her speech.

All without a problem. Hmmm.

All was still going well as we got ready to go, packed up props, found our way to the venue.

Then we parked.

And Turtle changed her mind.

"I don't want to do this. I didn't realize there would be all of these people here."

Uh-huh. I wondered when that was coming. And Firefly, of course, had already excitedly jumped out of the van and was darting across the parking lot to be first in the door. (Because we always have to be first.  But that's a much different story.)

The happy ending to this story is that Turtle did eventually get out of the van. (And Firefly did not get hit by one in her charge to run across the parking lot!)

(Either this is Turtle demonstrating her button, or hiding from the picture.  I'll let you decide which one, ha!)
Not only did she get out of the van, but she worked herself up to going inside, getting in her spot, and fully participating in the event, giving her speech over and over--to friends and strangers! I was so very  proud of her!

(Giving her speech to some of her first guests)

Bug had a great time running around the exhibits and pressing all of the "buttons", and so a great time was had by all!

I am linked up this week with Kris over at weird, unsocialized homeschoolers. I can't wait to see what you all have been up to this week!

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  1. What a neat opportunity! I've never heard of doing a Living Wax Museum, but I bet your kids will never forget what they have learned :).

  2. We reenacted Napoleon at Waterloo once...I'm not sure if my son remembers ANY other history that we learned last year...but he remembers that battle. (Napoleon road a dinosaur into battle, so that might have helped) :)

  3. We love playing history with plastic figures, too!!

  4. We were truly blessed to be able to participate in the Wax Museum! I have no doubt that the girls will remember these lessons for a very long time! Thank you all so much for visiting!



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