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Monday, March 12, 2012

We Are In! Check Out Our New Schoolroom!

 So, wow.  What a ride we've had over the past ten days!  We did make it into our new home that we had spent the better part of last year building. 
 And between movers, and boxes, and damaged furniture, and failed inspections, and AT & T guys, and more boxes, and ancy children, and new neighborhoods to explore, and furniture repairmen, and shower door enclosure people, and even MORE boxes, I'm not sure I even still have my sanity!

But we are in.  
And we are blessed.  
And we love, love, love, love our new home, our new neighborhood, and our new friends. 
 (Firefly and Bug have even made a new one that lives in the bushes next door and slithers.  Ick.  And evidently, since he has been here longer than we have, our next-door neighbors think he needs to stay.  Ick, again.)

And, since my hubby was so, so wonderful, and removed all of my children from my care last Friday for a whopping six hours, we now have a functional schoolroom!  
Yes, it took me all six hours to get it ready.  I actually brought out the last box FIVE minutes before they all walked in the door.  
So much for free time.  And I really wish I had had the courage to take a "before" picture.

Close your eyes (well, after you read this, ha!).  Picture a room full of cardboard boxes.  Lots and lots and lots of them, with only a small pathway for walking.  Think Hoarders, here, people.

OK, now open them.  This is the "after"!

ALL of our books, proudly on display, and NOT in tubs in my closet.  Can I hear an "ooh, ahh" from some other geeky homeschool mamas?
 Here is my workspace.  You'll notice the small stack on top of the files.  THAT is what is left to go through and find a home for.  (small squeal of delight here!)
 Here is Firefly's work area.  Workboxes are to the right.  Her bedroom is up here, too, where she now has a wonderful swing to use when she needs to.  More on that on Firefly Friday.
 Bug and Firefly's workboxes.  Turtle has a desk area in her new room, where she does her work now.
 Art supplies and board games.
Shot from the top of the stairs.  The idea was to leave the middle of the room open for bean bags, soft blocks, pillows, and any other "sensory-friendly" equipment we would need.  Bug found the trains as we were unpacking, though, and that game plan was over, ha!

As you can see, Max, the dog, approves of the new space.

Even Bug has his own space, now, as his sisters handed down desks.  He is not thrilled.

But the rest of us are!  Wish us luck as we begin a new season.  Maybe our attitudes will change with the location.  Hey, we can dream, right?

That's it for now.  I'm off to hang wall maps!  (Come on, SOMEBODY else gets joy in the small things, right?)

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