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Friday, February 3, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up. And Then Some.

Yep, so I'm not as good as I once was on getting these out in a (ahem) timely manner.  Oops.  But let me tell you about our week (or two or so) anyway!

in my life this week...just the regular continued craziness.  a little bit of working out, errands, cooking, planning, running back and forth to the new house to pick drawer pulls, door knobs, grass location, you name it.  we're getting ready to go on vacation for a week, too, just to add fuel to the fire, so i've been packing, washing, packing, washing, etc.

in our homeschool this week...we are trying to fight off the February doldrums.  i've now added Bug more formally into the mix and am trying to get him on a "kind of" schedule in anticipation of kindergarten this summer or fall.  i bought erica's k4 curriculum from confessions of a homeschooler, and this week we did number reviews.  his favorite activity, though, i found on pinterest:  a tally sheet.  give the kid a clipboard and he is one happy, happy boy.  weird, huh?

we also spent one day fort-schooling.  bug decided he was going to build one, and he made it perfectly accessible to only those bug or firefly-sized.  i had happy kiddos, though.  it's amazing how much more fun math can be when you are doing it on a hard floor on your stomach under a blanket.  hmmm.

bug even slept that way--the whole night.  amazing the flexibility and resilience when you're five : )

places we're going and people we're seeing...it was an off week for both essentials and our co-op this week, so we enjoyed a little bit more freedom to play.  we still had bible study, art class and soccer (of course), but we added in a trip to the library, a playdate at the park, and an impromptu trip to a beautifully deserted chuck e. cheese.

sometimes it's really, really great to homeschool!

things we're reading...we are reading Rabbit Hill and Daniel Boone, Frontiersman out loud for school. turtle has begun the Redwall series and firefly just finished the Littles.  i am checking out all of the Kindle freebies and trying to find one that catches my eye.

things i'm grateful for...homeschooling.  park day with friends.  reading a book to bug.  the cat purring at my feet.  clean kitchen floors.

things i'm praying about...well, now, this is a biggie--for me, at least.  turtle is continuing to ask for middle school next year.  and i think daddy agrees with her.  i'm struggling with this one, folks, really struggling.  it seems to be so important to turtle.  we've done the pros and cons thing with her, let her talk to those who have been through it (at least more recently than we have, ha!), given her a chance to shadow students there now.  she seems to have some very unrealistic expectations that we've tried to clear up and she doesn't seem to have heard.  i don't think her psyche is ready.  after all, we still have regular tears over math.  almost every day.  don't think that will go over well with your fellow twelve year-olds.  but then again, i am not going to ruin the relationship i have with her over something like this.  arrgh!  the whole thing is just so heartbreaking to me.  not to mention the freedom we have that will go away and put us all back on a schedule.  i hate being on other people's schedules.  yuck.  i'm working really hard right now to put this in God's hands--and leave it there.  i could use the prayers to help me do that.

questions i have...has anyone else out there caught the "what are we going to use next year" curriculum bug?  is it only me?  i mean, i like to plan and be prepared and all, but it is only just february.  please, please tell me someone else is spending way too much time online comparing too.  please?

linked up this week with the homeschool chick and weird, unsocialized homeschoolers.  thanks for checking in!


  1. There's nothing better than a cat purring! So relaxing!

    I'm sorry about the middle school issue. That would be upsetting for me as well. 12 is so young to me and I just can't think of my daughter having to go through some of the things I did at middle school. I wish my parents knew about homeschooling, I hated school. I did very well, but hated it. Bad things happened too. However, I did survive it.
    I will be praying for you and your family that the right decision can be made where everyone is comfortable!

  2. LOVE the fort school! My son is 9 and still loves forts! Maybe I'll add that to his Friday curriculum...I could make a "build your own fort" kit...hmmm...

    Yes, I am looking at next years curriculum. I think I have our literature books set. We'll see how the next couple of books go. If it goes well, then the books I've set aside are a go.

    About middle school...I'll keep you in our thoughts. It is tough road to go. I'm not looking forward to that hurdle with my son.

  3. I didn't know that about turtle. I'm sure you have mentioned all the things she will miss if she is at school all day...and how early she has to wake up every day. I'm afraid that will happen to many of us when our kids that age. I'll be praying for you guys to come to a happy decision for everyone.

  4. I'm amazed that you are having the school discussion about middle school. My 11.5 year old daughter cries at the thought of going to "regular school". She has bad memories of being in school before. I'm sure that you have placed this issue in the right hands and I hope you will be able keep your daughter at home a little longer.
    Currently homeschooling middle school, planning for homeschool high school and beyond!

  5. I just said a prayer for you for wisdom in your decision w/your daughter...that's a tough one! I know that when you keep the Lord involved in your decisions, which it appears that you do, everything will work out! Blessings.



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