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Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy Presidents Day--or Why We Did School When all the Neighborhood Kids Were Off

One of my favorite things about being a homeschooling Momma is the flexibility.  I really, really, really love being on our own schedule.  Really. love. it.  Like, for example, when we got back late on a Sunday evening from a week-long vacation and I called the next day laundry day because I didn't think I had the mental health needed to plan lessons.

Or when we car-school in between doctor's appointments.

Or when it's a birthday for someone in our family (yes, I have been known to even include the dog in this rule) and there is no school allowed.

But sometimes that "our own schedule" deal backfires on me.

Take today, for example.

I was all pumped up.  "It's Presidents Day, guys!  And just in time for when we started learning about George Washington!  We're going to do some fun learning about our first President!"  Books, videos, art activities, all nicely in place.  Kids even (somewhat) excited.

Then the doorbell rang.

It was a neighbor.

A public school neighbor.


In a moment of sheer indignation, my kiddos discovered that public school kids--ALL the public school kids--don't have to go to school for Presidents Day.


Alas, I did corral them long enough to read our cool books, learn some pretty neat stuff, and practice some copywork.

And then they were out the door.  To play with the "free" neighbors.

(Wonder how long I can keep the next Planning Day a secret?)

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  1. Your post made me giggle. My sister home schools also and I wonder what her experiences are with this. I guess I should ask.



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