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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What's in the Box Wednesday--Sixth Grade

O.K., well, here's the thing.  My sixth-grader doesn't actually use workboxes anymore, at least, in the "pure" sense of the word.  This year, she's been more of a "planner" kind of gal.  And since Christmas break, she's been a "color-coded planner" kind of gal.  Be still, my heart!

A moment of silent reverence here, folks.

It's really amazing and kind of sad when we see our own neuroses popping up in our kids, isn't it?


But, that is off-topic, I realize. 

Here is the point of this post:  Turtle's assignments for today.  A quick glimpse into the sixth-grade life at our house (and a reminder to myself that I need to look at the page on here that talks about our curriculum--and probably update it.):

Math:  Saxon 6/5 Lesson 54.  We have just switched back over to Saxon and are going through some lessons that Turtle may not be as strong on.

Government:  We are slowly going through an ABCs of America book to give her an overview of American Government.  Today we are reviewing "L" for First Lady and "M" for the Mint.

Grammar:  Our Essentials class has assigned Our Mother Tongue, Lesson 30 for today.

Reading:  Turtle is reading Redwall as part of a study of the fantasy genre for our Drawn into the Heart of Reading book, so she has some assigned reading and a DITHR assignment.

History / Science Co-op:  She'll be doing a history worksheet and getting a presentation ready for tomorrow's classes.  If you notice the color coding (ha!), she did her vocabulary for this class yesterday.

Extended History:  Reading one of our history books to go with our curriculum, and finding me for an oral narration.

IEW Writing:  She is beginning a research paper on Ethan Allen--the patriot, not the furniture guy.  Today she has to pick the topics of her report.

Bible Study:  Community Bible Study lessons need to be finished today.  We have that tomorrow, too.

Piano:  Ten minutes of practice.

We have one outside class today:  Art at 2:30.  We will also be doing some group work--history, vocabulary, and read-alouds (theoretically, anyway.)

That's a peek into Turtle's day.  What's in your workboxes?

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  1. Go Mom! Your children are so blessed to have you! Thanks for sharing and for linking up through NOBH. Smiles -



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