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Friday, January 20, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up. One Busy, Busy Week.

in my life this week...wow.  can i say it again?  wow.  what a crazy, crazy week.

  everything we are involved in outside of our home has begun again full force.  we have been running, running, running.

  i have been missing quiet time.  i have discovered that when we miss quiet time, it does not lead to good things.  not at all.

did i mention we are building a house?  *wink*

 i think this week might have officially put me over the top with this whole house-building thing.

see, we're close.  really, really close to being done.

  landscaping is being done, last coats of paint are being added, stairs are stained.

  but the cabinets.

  ooh, the cabinets, and everything dependent on the cabinets, which includes the floors and appliances--snail's pace.  and arguments.  and misunderstandings.  and stress.  lots and lots of stress.

and we are SO close.  which leads to even more stress as my existing house starts to look more and more like a hoarders episode.

and i'm pretty sure i've mentioned that i have a kiddo here who does.not.do.well.with.transitions.
what does not kill us makes us stronger, right?
we'll see...  (but it looks great on the outside, huh?)

in our homeschool this week...we are back with this full-force as well.  spent this week learning about benjamin franklin as a boy and as a young man.  earlier this week the kids built a wharf out of small rocks in our backyard to commemorate franklin doing the same as a child, and yesterday they all came up with their own "inventions" to solve the world's problems.

wouldn't you know it? firefly's was a car that would instantly transport you anywhere you wanted to go in the "whole, wide world".  a perfect fit for a kiddo who has screamed about being strapped into a car seat for her entire life.  ha!

we did go ahead and make the switch back to saxon for turtle's math.  yep, there were tears.  mine and hers.  but we made it through and have come out the other side mostly unscathed.

bug started a more formal pre-k curriculum with me this week as well.  i downloaded the k4 curriculum from www.confessionsofahomeschooler.com and we did a couple of days of letter review to get him warmed up to the idea.  so far, so good...

places we are going and people we are seeing...where are we not going?  occupational therapy, doctor's visits, essentials, art class, impromptu chick-fil-a lunch playdates with friends, library, park days, bible study, co-op, back and forth to the new house.

oh yeah, and today we met the mold removal guy and the invisible fence guy when they came to visit our old house to fix things.

 i need to catch my breath.

things i am working on...patience.  i think this might be the lesson being taught to me through the house / cabinet debaucle.

patience.  i am working on it.

and deep breathing.

and how to open wine bottles properly.


things i am grateful for...the new house and our ability to build it.

some extra weeks of schooling when i thought we wouldn't be because we would be moving.

my amazing husband who has held my hand throughout this process and not let me lose my mind.

and wonderful birthday gifts, homemade or  home-found by my three beautiful kiddos

chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast

i hope you all had a wonderful week!  i am linked up this week at the homeschool mother's journal and weird, unsocialized homeschoolers.


  1. Beautiful house! Sounds like you had a productive week. Thanks for sharing

  2. Yeah I have one who doesn't do well with change and transitions. I hear your pain!

  3. Your house is beautiful! I know something about the frustrations of building - we built ours 5 years ago and the end just about killed me. But it looks like you have so much for which to be thankful this week. Thank you for sharing and for linking up at NOBH! Smiles -



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