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Monday, January 16, 2012

More Heart of Dakota Praises!

Homeschooling Hearts & Minds

Welcome to Week Three of the Virtual Curriculum Fair!  This week's theme is:

Exploring Our World: Social Studies and more Science.
This theme can include history, geography, world cultures, worldview,
biology, botany, geology, etc., etc., etc.

Sooo, I'm going to (again) fawn over our Heart of Dakota curriculum, and go a little more in depth in what the curriculum looks like on a daily basis.

We are using Bigger Hearts for His Glory this year, aimed at ages 7-9, with an Extension Pack up to age 11.  (Truthfully, my 5 year-old will sit in with us for a lot of it as well).  It is a Charlotte Mason-based approach, with lots of good literature, spelling through dictation, and narration opportunities, and it covers American History this year.

Bigger Hearts is split into 34 units, each aimed at a five-day week.  **I should tell you here, in the spirit of honesty, that we usually school three to four days a week out of this book.  So here is another confession--we are in week 18 or 19 of school and in Week 10 of Heart of Dakota.  Oops.**

So, anyway, as I was saying, each unit is split into five days, and it is very much history-based.  Each day we will read a passage about the history theme.  Today we read about Benjamin Franklin growing up and learning about the printing profession.  Each reading has a key idea listed, and each day the kiddos are encouraged to orally narrate after the reading.

After the history, there is another kind of activity, which varies each day:  notebooking, timeline-creating, vocabulary, art-related projects, geography, etc.  Today there was a geography activity explaining how flat maps are different from globes, and having the kids create their own flat map of some objects.  Each of these activities also has a key idea that ties it back into the history reading.  My favorite part is that there are activities--and I didn't have to think of them!  I am not the most creative person on the planet, mind you.

The Extension Pack includes books at a higher reading level for the older student to read independently that cover the same material as the daily history reading.  So far, Turtle has really enjoyed the book choices, and I have her orally or written narrate (is that correct English?  Back to Essentials I go, ha!)  each day from these choices.

Other areas covered daily include:  Poetry, Bible Study, Music, and Storytime.  Language Arts, Reading, and Math choices are offered, but you are welcome to use other curriculum as well.  We actually do use the suggestions for Math, which I wrote about here.  We love the hands-on examples and games that are in Heart of Dakota to use with Singapore Math.

Bigger Hearts also includes Science, and for the beginning of the year we followed it closely.  Science, like History, is taught through living books, with a notebook kept and experiments completed.  I really, really liked it.  Really liked it.  Firefly, not so much.

I don't know what it was about the Science.  I enjoyed the books, thought the experiments were wonderful (and easy, I might add.  Oh, and non-messy.  Just the things I love.  ; )  But it got to the point that when I pulled out Science, the moaning and groaning and writhing on the floor would begin.  I have gotten pretty good at figuring out these cues, and so we just jumped on over to Apologia for Science at that point.  Which also involves some moaning.  But no writhing or tears.  So win-win for us!

That's about all I can think of to say at this point, except that I really love this curriculum.  But posts are always more fun with pictures, so I'll add some of those so you can see what fun things we've been doing so far...
beginning our timeline...
attempting an Indian wigwam out of clay (I can't remember what the crackers were for--maybe snack!)
painting with berry juices...

and sand paintings.

I encourage you to hop on over to some of the other posts in this link-up to see what others have to say about what they are doing this year.  This Virtual Curriculum Fair has been a ton of fun--like a peek into other's homeschools.  I am a true voyeur at heart!  *wink*

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