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Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Homeschool Mother's Journal.

in my life this week . . .boy, have we been busy!  And all through it I've been fighting what started as allergies and then blew up into a full yucky cold.  This week seems to have been *relatively* decision-free as far as our new house goes, which is good, because it's been full of lots of other activities.  Which brings me to:

places we're going and people we're seeing. . .We did something new on Monday at lunchtime and headed to the park for a homeschool kickball group.  What a great time we had!  The girls both decided to join in the game, as they recognized familiar faces, and Bug had a blast organizing his own activity at the other end of the field!  

I'm not sure, but I think it's some rendition of "hey, let's pick up this big tube and walk around with it."  Whatever.  They had a great time!

We continued with our Essentials class, soccer practices, Community Bible Study, and co-op, and then got to enjoy the Fountain of Youth on Friday.  A+ field trip.  The guides were wonderful, the kids were engaged, and it perfectly capped off the unit of history we had been learning about!  (Don't you love it when a plan comes together?!)  Unfortunately, I only have a few pictures, because I, of course, forgot to charge the camera and it died approximately five and one-half minutes into the trip!
 This is the really cool guy at the entrance that all of my kids refused to take a picture with.  (Statue, I mean).
And here is the "fountain" with water coming out.  All of the kids got their own little cup of the water to drink.  Mine, not impressed.  I guess we'll just keep getting older ; )

in our homeschool this week . . .OK, now this is exciting stuff, at least to us geeky homeschool moms!  We got butterflies!!!  We very excitedly sent off for our baby caterpillars several weeks ago, very carefully followed the directions, and very impatiently have been watching them progress.  This week they emerged and showed off their stuff!  Here is where we're letting them go, as I was reminded by some smart homeschool mama friends of how long butterflies tend to live.
Also spent some time doing some really cool lessons (thank you, Heart of Dakota!)  Here we are bartering our snacks, much as the first settlers learned to do with the Native Americans (I'm pretty sure chocolate goldfish and pretzels weren't hot commodities back then, but, hey--we're using our creativity!)  Yep, in case you're wondering, I did continue this just long enough for the tears to start.  Luckily, I got my pictures first!  Hee hee!
We also spent some time "mapping" out the world with our Ritz crackers.  (Again, a little ingenuity since I forgot to pick up graham crackers at the store.  So yes, our Asia is approximately the same size as Austrailia--but hey, again, the point was placement, I think!)
my favorite thing this week . . .Easy, peasy!  We got to celebrate Daddy!  His birthday was on Thursday and he came home early, we cancelled soccer practice for all, and got to hang out.  I have such a great hubby!

For more weekly wrap-ups, I am linked up with Kris here.  Hope you all had a wonderful week!

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