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Sunday, August 14, 2011

"Not Back to School" School Pictures!

This will be my third entry into Heart of the Matter's "Not Back to School"Hop. Not Back to School Blog Hop
And thank goodness that I had looked ahead to see what was coming and remembered to take pictures! This week we get to showcase "School Pictures". Seems kind of a broad topic.

But I'll play along and show off our "First Day of School" pics. All three kiddos are pictured with their brand-new "Study Buddies". This is part of our first day of homeschool ritual, which I keep meaning to blog about . . .*sigh*. Anyway, each child gets to pick out a new stuffed animal before we start school, which they then name and snuggle with as their Study Buddy for the year. Both girls this year have actually kept their Study Buddies handy in the schoolroom, and even made seats for them.

Bug--well, you'll see. He's not quite got the hang of the Study Buddy idea, yet. ; )

So, without further ado, here are our school pics with our newest family members:Here is Turtle, entering sixth grade, with "Kermit" the Frog Pillow Pet. (Yep, she named him all by herself.) Firefly, entering third grade, with Wendell, the Teacup Piggie (Don't ask. I think I've told you all more than once before that I don't know how this kid's mind works.)

Here is Bug, 4 years old, and yes, he picked out a whole Green Lantern flannel blanket for his Study Buddy. Oh, well, I guess it doubles as a great "Sleepy Buddy" as well!

I hope you all are enjoying your start of not-back-to-school.


  1. What a fun little tradition. :) Great pics....and Wendell is a fantastic name for a little pink pig. lol :)

  2. Cute picture idea! Love the study buddies....thanks for stopping by my blog! Following you on GFC!

  3. What a fun tradition! Have a great year!



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