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Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Day in the Life . . .

Homeschooling Hearts & Minds
For this week's (and the final) entry into the Virtual Curriculum Fair, I have re-visited an old post from this past fall.  I wrote this originally several months ago after planning, and writing, and erasing, and praying, and erasing again, and on and on and on.  It looks like a pretty workable schedule.


I'm laughing (a lot)!

This schedule is no longer working for us.

So I was going to re-write the post, make it look all pretty and neat, and re-post it under "What a Day in Our Homeschool Life Really Looks Like", but, you know what?  Our days are never all pretty and neat, and I'm betting (or, rather, really, really hoping) that yours aren't usually either.

So instead I'm just going to *update* this old post with what is working *today*.  I'm guessing that a month from now I could update it again, but hey.  In the homeschool fantasy life that I live in, we call it Flexibility.

Yeah, there we go.

Without further ado, I present:  Different Days in Our Life!

Not Back to School Blog Hop

I'm so excited to have completed all four weeks of this fantastic blog hop! And I'm really looking forward to this week--my inner "nosy girl" is just thrilled to peek into everyone else's days, to get some ideas for implementing in our homeschool, and also just to make sure that we are not the only ones who have well-thought-out, well-laid plans that completely fall apart by 10 am (or maybe we are. Hmmm. . .)

So anyway, here we are with "A Day in the Life". I gotta tell you, though, I'm struggling with telling you how our day is planned to go vs. how it actually goes. I guess we'll go with somewhere in the middle!

I get up around 6 or 6:15 to try to take advantage of the few minutes of the day that Bug isn't up to try to get in a quick workout and shower. Now, this week, some crazy friend of mine has talked me into a cross-fit workout that sounds like a lot of fun. But get this--it starts at 5:15. AM. Should be an interesting week, ladies and gentlemen. Especially since I just downed a Diet Coke and a DQ Blizzard and it's 9:35 pm.

**Well, I still tend to get up really early.  And, believe it or not, I'm still going to Cross Fit a few days a week.  But I'm not still dumb enough to drink a Diet Coke or eat a Blizzard and THEN try to go.**

Anyway, between 7 and 9, we work on our morning lists. What that entails for the kiddos is: breakfast, getting dressed, room checks, chores, quiet time with God, and associated whining, bickering, and talking to Mom through the bathroom door. What it entails for Mom is: breakfast, my chores, staying on top of the kids to get them to do their chores, a last minute rush to get school activities ready, and hiding periodically in the bathroom. (See--a blend between how it should be and how it really is. All honesty here at this blog. Hee hee.)

**We have changed things up a bit here.  I, mean Mommy extraordinaire, have now asked for all kiddos to do their math as soon as their breakfast has been eaten and cleared from the table.  We do our Bible lesson for the day and morning prayers as soon as everyone is actually AT the breakfast table, and do math as they finish eating.  I've found that this way, (1)  the math tears are out of the way early in the day, and (2) the two most important subjects (or one most important and one least liked) have been taken care of.  If we get off-track and do nothing else all day, those have been finished.  After math, we rush into the mad dash of morning tasks.  And yes, I still hide in the bathroom.**

Assuming we have not yet left the house for therapy or doctor appointments, we jump into some kind of PE from 9-9:30. Last week I let the kids pick a video from some cute exercise ones I had found at the library. Today I of course could not find any at the library. I think we are going for some outside time or dance parties here this week. This PE is actually a ploy to get Firefly some intense stimulation before I can expect her to focus on any kind of work.

**Yep, well this was a great idea.  But we don't really do it anymore.  I don't know why we dropped it, because it's way important for her.  I think once we move (which should happen soon, theoretically) we will incorporate this again.**

At 9:30 we usually start our group work: history, geography, poetry, Bible, art. Then at 10, we theoretically start some independent work. Both Firefly and Bug have workboxes (which I have promised to blog about before and will continue to promise it until I finally actually do it, I promise ; ) Bug's boxes at this point are some really neat ways for him to entertain himself while the rest of us are (supposed to be) working. Turtle gets a list of all assignments due for the week by Sunday evening, and she likes to split them up into days herself. Our independent work time should look like: each child works quietly and efficiently through their boxes until their time to work with Mom.

**We aren't doing group first thing anymore.  When each kiddo is ready, we just go ahead and begin the independent box work.  I take turns with each when they need me for a "Work With Mom" box.  Turtle is back to me scheduling the work for her.  Seems she was getting pretty overwhelmed trying to do it herself.  My goal for her is back to independently time managing.**

What it actually looks like is somewhat controlled chaos. We use a lot of timers, chocolate chips (for bribery--yes, you heard me right), and slightly raised voices. I just know I'll get a better system than this someday.

**Yep, still controlled chaos.  Usually from about nine or so until about 11 or 11:30.**

Usually, though, we are able to (mostly) finish (most) of our boxes by noon. We do stop for a snack break about 10:30, which we have started this year and which has seemed to help control the chaos somewhat. At noon, Bug is my lunch helper and he and I get lunches ready. Lunch cracks me up at my house, because it has somehow morphed into the four of us and at least twenty books at the kitchen table. It is the only meal we let the kids read through, and they definitely take full advantage of it! It's amazing that any plates fit on the tabletop!

**This still works.  Probably because of our "books at the lunch table" thing.**

After lunch, we have started using "one more thing", which you can find out more about here. Yes, I stole that idea and it works great. I usually use that time to finish our group work, or, more likely, one or two of Firefly's boxes with her.

**Our "One More Thing" time has become our group activity time.  This "thing" is usually history reading, timelines, art learning, or other activities.  I'm still loving One More Thing.**

At 1:30, it is--wait for it--Quiet Time. I've already written about how I've fallen in love with Quiet Time. Yes, the love affair still holds strong! It's still working--beautifully some days and just barely on some others--but still working.

**I will never not love Quiet Time.**

At 3, Firefly is my snack helper. While we eat, I read from our current read-aloud. After snack, they usually get about thirty minutes of TV time, followed by PM Pick Up time, followed, usually, by "hurry-up-and-get-dressed-for-soccer" time. You see, we are that soccer family, and we are at the soccer fields at least three evenings during the week. (Bug even made the statement at one point that the fields were "just like a big yard for us to play with our friends". I didn't know whether to laugh or cry--because he's exactly right!)

**Yep, still that soccer family.  Never seems to end.  The only difference in this part of the routine now is the addition of an Art Class on Wednesday afternoons and CCD on Tuesdays that eat up this time.**

Soccer practice ends and is followed by "you-stink-so-please-go-right-to-the-bathtub" time, dinner, and stories and bedtime, so we can start again the next day.

**This still happens, too.**

Wow--this was a long post! No wonder I'm so tired!

Can't wait to peek into your lives--I mean--see how you all are spending your days! Thanks for visiting our crazy days!

**So it's a period of always-changing, ever-adjusting schedules that we fit our days into.  As soon as we seem to figure something out, something will always change.  Hey, that's the fun of it, right?

Looking forward to hopping around to see your days!**

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  1. Thanks for the honesty! My days never go as planned either, so I think I've just about quit planning! It works better that way.

  2. Thank you for sharing!! Visiting from the HOTM blog hop! ;)

  3. Glad I found your post on the blog hop! Both of my girls learned addition and subtraction with chocolate chips (and it might take even more chocolate chips to learn multiplicationa and division:) We are big fans of quiet time too and set aside a part of each evening for it. Thanks for sharing!

  4. You know, every once in a while it's just time to down a DQ blizzard and a diet Coke at 9:35 pm :) I love hearing that the 'one more thing after lunch' is helping. It sure helped change my attitude more than anything :) And boy, yes, we need quiet time too. Love your day! ~Tricia

  5. Wow! You are so organized! I love your schedule. I am still frantically trying to tweak and re-do our schedule for this year.Since we haven't started yet, I still have a bit more time! But we all know that no matter how much we think something will work, I am going to have to re-do the schedule again, once we actually start school.Thank you for sharing!

  6. You guys are so sweet! I know--it almost looks pretty organized, doesn't it? If only it would go so smoothly on a (semi) regular basis! Thanks to you all for visiting!

  7. Thank you for sharing ;)

  8. I loved reading this! I see many parallels between your day and mine, mostly in the things not going the way you want them to vein, ahem. ;0)

    Thank you for updating it and linking with the Virtual Curriculum Fair.



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