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Sunday, July 10, 2011

To Preschool or Not To Preschool . . .

Well, so far I'm feeling pretty good about next year's curriculum and planning ahead. I feel so good about it that I'll even get around to blogging it one of these days, lol! Both girls have their first twelve weeks mapped out, with copies made, lists filled, books ordered, etc.

Trust me. It sounds way more organized than it really is.

But I'm struggling a bit with Bug.

He is four, turning five, this year, which makes him eligible for our state-sponsored Pre-K program. It is offered for three hours a day, and did I mention that it is free? My dear friend runs the school that I would choose for Bug to go to, and I can even have the perk of "non-mandatory" attendance if I need to. Ha. That's good, because we've only been out of the public school system for two years and I am already squirming at the idea of "mandatory" anything.

There is even an afternoon session for him, which means the guilt of "he's in school all morning, we eat lunch, and then I send him to his room for Quiet Time" is gone. (Because, you know, I HAVE to have my Quiet Time!)

Everything seemed to fall in line. It was a sign, you know. He was supposed to go to PreK. And then I would have all morning with him to work with him, too!

What was I thinking?
Who "does school" with their PreK-er, and then sends him off to PreK for three hours?

OK, so does that mean he doesn't go off to school this year? So if he is going to be at home with us, what should I do with him? What curriculum should I use? He already knows all of his letters and letter sounds. But I'm not ready for teaching him how to read (nor for that matter, is he). How do I not pull my hair out with all of the choices? Ahhhh!!

And then I read a wonderful post from Simple Schooling. And if only I could find it again. sigh.

Seems that kids don't actually need to "do PreK". Hmmm. Novel idea, I know.

You know God put that post out there for me to find. I know He did, because the peace that I had once I found it and read it was immense. What if I actually just set aside some time to "be" with Bug in the mornings? What if we read some books, took some walks, built some Lego towers? Wonder of wonders, he might actually enjoy just listening to his sisters' lessons and science "experimenting" with them, too! I think I'm liking this!

I know it's not for everyone. For us, though, our last year of "not school" is going to be enjoyed. We have years (and years and years) to go. We're not going to rush this one.


  1. So glad you found an inspirational article that gave you peace of mind. My youngest is 3.5 and I am trying to decide how to keep her busy while I teach my 3 older children at home. It's a juggling act for sure! Thank you for linking up to NOBH! Happy Schooling!

  2. If I could reverse the clock and NOT have sent our little guy to pre-k last year, I would. There are so many things he saw, learned, heard, that I would not have allowed him to be exposed to had I known... Well we can not change the past. We can only move forward. It took almost the entire year of Kindergarten to reverse the "damage" but I see the light now and God is so good! Boys are so unique and interesting. Life is so short. It reminds me of that song "Let Them Be Little". I know you will find so many fun, interesting things to do with him and he WILL be learning! Thank you for sharing!

  3. My sister-in-law said something years ago to me that has stuck with me. I trust her judgment on things like this. She was a teacher, then stayed home to homeschool her four kids who are all now grown and they are wonderful adults. She said that before the age of 8, there is really no need to do anything formal with kids. Board games, building block towers, helping with baking, climbing trees, being read to...that's all the learning they need! I hope her words help you have some added peace about your decision.

  4. I had a similar dilema last year about sending my 4 year old to pre-K. We ended up keeping her home and I never looked back. She is such a free spirit with an active imagination. It was such a joy to have her home and be able to witness and interact with her cooked up scenarios. She is my dinosaur lovin', tutu wearing baby. You will never get these years back and I think it is great you will get that time with your son!

  5. Thank you all for your comments. It really helps to hear from everyone in the same boat (or who was once in the boat ; )



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