"From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets, the name of the Lord is to be praised." Psalm 113:3

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ever Had a Week Like This?

I feel like this is the only view I've had this week!

We have had a crazy, busy week this week, and, truthfully, I've had a love / hate relationship with it. I've loved the activities (mostly) but hated the hurry, hurry, rush, rush, DRIVE parts.

I've loved watching my children blossom in their respective sporting events. I've hated the hurry, hurry, rush, rush parts of getting them there on time.

I've loved the special time we've gotten to spend with dear loved ones. I've hated the driving we've had to do to get back and forth to them.

I've loved having special time with only Bug, as his sisters were in camp. I've hated using half of that time to hurry, hurry, rush, rush him in order to DRIVE to pick them up from said camps.

I've hated the stress the hurry, hurry, rush, rush has put on our family and all of its interrelationships for the past ten days. I've loved the opportunity to grow closer to God as I've prayed for our hearts to grow back together.

I've hated the priorities we've set and the choices we were making. I've loved the chance to make new ones.

So far, so good this week. Maybe the craziness is what we all needed to recognize what we were doing to ourselves. Here's to simplifying and changing priorities--at least for today.

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  1. OK. Reading your blog make me really miss you! Let me know if we can meet for a pool date or park date or whatever! :)



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