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Friday, May 6, 2011

Confessions and Ramblings . . .

This "homeschooling thing" is a real journey. I am learning new things about myself every week, every day, every hour even. Not all of them are pleasant. A few of them are wonderful.

What I have discovered about myself this week is that I am officially a nerd.

Let me explain.

I have spent hours over the past few months wandering around homeschool convention halls, thumbing through books, watching videos, listening to spiels. I have devoured curriculum catalogs from many different companies. I go online to see what everyone else is using and to hear about how they are using it. It has almost become a full-time job (obsession), really.

But then I did it. I committed. I made the decision and made the order.

Amazon is emailing me several times a day with the notice that my order has been processed, or shipped, or backordered, or looked at. I am running out to check the mail several times a day like I did when I had a birthday as a kid. The UPS man looks better and better to me every day.

It's starting to come in now. Each package makes me smile inside. I rip it open right away and go through everything in it. I think I may be going a little bit nuts.

What is it about new curriculum? I'm pretty sure I felt this way last year about this time. "I can't wait! We're going to have so much fun! This book / video / computer game / etc is so wonderful!" And it was and it wasn't. We started, tweaked, started again, discarded, changed, and in the end had a good year and learned a lot, but not the way I had intended us to go.

But NEXT year, boy, I can't wait! We're going to have so much fun! This curriculum is so wonderful! My name is Nicole and I am a curriculum junkie. Anyone else out there?

Oops, gotta go. I hear the UPS truck . . .


  1. HA! I can so relate! There is so much good stuff out there, it is really hard to choose. But once I do, I can't wait to get it in the mail!

  2. I had to laugh out loud when I read this post because I too am a curriculum junkie. This time of year makes me giddy with excitement! It is soooo hard to chose what you think is best though but at this point it really doesn't matter. I can't wait for our packages to arrive! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I am catching up on what is going on in your world through this blog. I'll take whatever I can get. I can't wait to read more and hopefully see some pics of your kids too. On the the next post...;) Miss you!



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