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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What's in the Box Wednesday. Second Grade.

Here is a little view of what is in Firefly's workboxes today.

We have read all of the living books I had chosen for her for this year, so we are going through the literature selections in this book. Today we are beginning some Greek Myths, and she will be starting a lapbook from here.

Each day she has something OT (Occupational Therapy) - related. Today it is word searches. We are working on her visual processing / visual discrimination / visual "whatsis" skills.

She really, truly "hates" math. Hopefully I will find a curriculum for her next year that will help with that, but I digress! I try to add in some math games to make it more fun for her. Today it is Addition War.

Copywork--another favorite : ( Man, maybe I really am a mean Mommy!

We are using Muzzy videos for French. (She actually really does like this, lol!)

Math. One Page. Actually about half the page is marked out for her to do. Yep. Mean Mommy again.

That's a look at our workboxes today. What's in your boxes?


  1. Bonding here! I have a writing hater too. Although he just wrote a wonderful (not including grammatical errors of course :) narrative paragraph about his baseball game last night. So hooray...we're making progress!

    Out of curiosity...have you tried Math U See for Firefly? I've heard so many wonderful things about it...but have never used it myself. I'm tossing around the idea of next year for my midster. She's not a huge math fun either.


    I'm SO happy you linked in!


  2. Danielle,

    I've heard great things about Math U See, too. I just have held off on that because she would have to watch a video, and she doesn't do so well with screen time due to her SPD. So, the question in my mind is would watching the math be an exciting reward for her, or something else to stress out her brain? Oh, to be able to make a decision . . .

    I think we are headed toward Singapore for next year, but who knows?

    PS--thanks for visiting!

  3. Looks like a full day! Following you from Raising Rhodies!

  4. Wow! You are so good at this. I'm a new GFC follower from Friday Blog hop. http://www.grandmasguidetolife.blogspot.com

  5. I like the "Addition War" - we play Place Value War about once a week. :)

  6. I've heard Singapore is good stuff too. I just went ahead and ordered Abeka for my going into 1st-er. I already have the teacher's manual. Soooo...bleh. We'll see. Anyway. Being mommy to a mystery-kid too...I totally understand all the guessing games!




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