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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What's in the Box Wednesday. The First. Preschool.

We have been using workboxes (in a modified form) for this school year and it has been a wonderful system for us. If you are not familiar with Sue Patrick's book and system, you can find it here.

This time of year, we vary from four to six boxes per day, and I have a larger box to hold our group work that we all do together. Here is a little view of our workbox system:

This is Firefly's self-made workbox chart. When she finishes a box, she attaches the number on the box back onto her chart.

Here are a few pictures of what is in Bug's boxes today. I try to mix it up for him, knowing that the primary goal is to keep him happily occupied during school time. Letters, numbers, and other "school-y" stuff are in there, but I'm trying to keep him thinking that it is all still fun.

I found this cute Easter game here. Thanks, Erika!

This one forces me to sit down with him for a few minutes to work on some letters. It makes me feel like I am actually teaching him something, lol!

This came from here. He loves to use the dry-erase markers and wipe them off to do again and again . . .Again, thanks to Erika at http://www.confessionsofahomeschooler.com/. He loves to work with his Do-A-Dot markers on different activities.

And finally, the messy bin. This usually ends up with Matchbox cars, rubber bugs, or bouncy balls hidden in it after he's done.

That's what's in Bug's boxes today. Can't wait to see what's in yours!


  1. All right, after your trip you need to come set up workboxes at my house. I've gotten out of the habit and this post has inspired me.

  2. Visiting from Friday's Blog Hop and am following you via GFC. I like your workbox system. Just wondering on the 'messy bin', how long do you let Bug play with it or is it the bin he gets when everything else is done?

  3. Lisa, thanks for visiting! Usually Bug does his boxes in any order he wants to. I try to do his "work with Mom" boxes first before I start with the girls, and then he is free to explore his other ones. Of course, he might choose to ignore them and just play with his Batman toys all morning, too! I'm hoping next year to get more scheduled with him, but I really want to give him some fun things to do to keep him occupied and thinking it is fun to "do school".

  4. I am following you through the hop. I am a homeschool parent as well. You have lots of great information on here that I will be referring back too. Please return the follow at http://thecryptocapersseries.blogspot.com

  5. what an awesome mother!! You are the best Nicole.



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