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Friday, April 15, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up, The Second. Appreciation.

How is it already time for another Weekly Wrap-Up? For being on the "down slope" of the school year, we are busy, busy, busy. The schoolwork part seems to be becoming the easy part of the week, surprisingly! We have been zooming through the mornings. We are back to finishing up the basics: Turtle is getting in some reading, writing, math, Latin or spelling, and Astronomy or Life Skills every day, and Firefly is working on reading, math, science or French, writing or spelling, and Occupational Therapy skills every day. We are doing some Lent Studies and History each day as well, but we really have been moving pretty quickly. It's been all of our "extras" that have kept us moving this week!

On Tuesday afternoon, we were blessed to take part in a special concert by David Nevue. (www.davidnevue.com) For those of you who haven't heard of him (I hadn't), he is a wonderful composer and pianist, as well as homeschooling parent (because the composer and pianist part aren't cool enough!) He played for nearly two hours and his music was beautiful!

On Wednesday, we all trucked up to Bug's preschool, where he goes two days a week, for a Teacher Appreciation Week lunch. Turtle volunteered in the nursery and Firefly helped me serve the teachers. I'll admit, there was a little voice in the back of my head wondering when MY Teacher Appreciation Lunch was going to be, but I digress . . .

We celebrated the "official" end of the year for our Classical Conversations group with a closing program on Thursday night. Turtle earned a trophy and a T-shirt for reaching her Memory Master goal, Firefly got to play Joan of Arc in her class' skit, and even Bug got in on the action, singing along with his class as they sang all of our Presidents! What a great celebration of all of their hard work!

Today we appreciated the gorgeous weather and spent the afternoon at the park. It's going to be really, really hot here soon, so we're trying to get some quality park time in now!

Whew! Now I need a nap. Let's hope next week is not so full! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I'd love to hear about your week. We're linked up with www.weirdunsocializedhomeschoolers.com.


  1. Sounds like things are winding down for you for this year. Just in time for summer!

  2. Wow...busy week. I have to agree, I secretly envy those teacher appreciation things. When Mom is the teacher, you are just mom.

    I love Turtle's post. I will have to pull out the pink duct tape for our little girls. They will love the bracelets. We are going to let our boys set up a blog attached to ours and let them take turns posting. With both of their long lists of diagnosis.....it should be interesting:)

    Have a great next week and weekend. Roughly 6 weeks to finish out this schol year:)


  3. Thank you all for visiting. We are definitely enjoying these last few weeks and the scent of summer on it's way!



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