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Monday, April 11, 2011

Turtle Tuesday--The First. Duct Tape Fun.

Hello, my name is Turtle. I just got into duct tape. It is so much fun to make bracelets and bookmarks out of it.

How to Make Bracelets:

1. Cut duct tape so that it is one inch longer than you need it to be.

2. Cut one inch of the tape so that there is a square-shaped hole.

3. Fold the duct tape in half lengthwise.

4. The square part is what you use to stick the bracelet together.

It is re-useable so that you can take it on and off. Hope you have a great time making bracelets!


  1. Super easy and cute! Where did you get the zebra print duct tape turtle?

  2. Michael's. Thank you for your comment.



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