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Monday, April 11, 2011

Quiet Time

I am writing this as we are finishing up one of my very favorite parts of the day (OK, I think it really is my favorite, but I'm not sure it's politically correct to admit it ; )--Quiet Time. Each afternoon when we are home, from 1:30 until about 3:00, all three of my precious children are taking some time by themselves in their rooms. (See how peaceful I feel about them when it's Quiet Time?)

I had read about the concept for several months before I actually tried it. I thought it was a great idea that would never work in my house. How on earth would I actually get them to go in their rooms at my suggestion, and then how on earth would I get them to actually STAY there? It took a REALLY long time for me to work up the energy decide to begin the fight.

So I began with the announcement, given rather calmly over lunch one afternoon. "Today, after lunch, we're going to have some quiet time for a while." Yeah. Big hit. And then I rounded them up (two of them literally kicking and screaming) and brought them to their rooms. And then I did it again five minutes later. And again. And again. And that day Quiet Time lasted for twenty minutes.

But you know what? That twenty minutes (or at least two minute spurts of it) was really kind of nice. And Turtle, who lasted the whole short time, ended up finding something fun to do in her room. So we tried it again the next day.

It would be nice to say that each day got progressively easier, and that by the end of the week we were all happily tromping off to our rooms. Nope. However, I have had almost ninety minutes today. Bug has come in to see me a time or two, but he is trying to patiently wait for "the three in the front" of his clock. And I expect that when they do come back out and we are all reunited, that we might truly be happy to see each other.

So I did push on through the troubled beginning, and Quiet Time has become a regular part of our days. And I am so glad that it has. I think we have all come to appreciate a little alone time. I have heard wonderful conversations that Firefly and Bug have had with their dolls and cars, respectively, in their bedrooms. I have been able to get some planning done during the day, and, (will wonders never cease?) have even been able to relax and enjoy time with Hubby at night. Every once in a while, someone falls asleep for an afternoon nap. And once, one of them (I won't call them out on it), even ASKED for Quiet Time. O.K. I'll openly admit it. I love Quiet Time.


  1. I've been considering this too. Whenever our schedule allows, we really should have some quiet time. My problem is that my three girls all share a room! I guess quiet time could be on their beds, right? :)

  2. I think Quiet Time could be anywhere. I saw a post today about a family that each picks a room or a section of a room for their afternoon Quiet Time. Have fun with it (and just make sure you get to have YOUR own room) lol!



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