"From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets, the name of the Lord is to be praised." Psalm 113:3

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I Love the A-Ha Moments!

So here begins our week: both my garbage disposal and dishwasher have gone kaput over the past 24 hours, leaving me the wonderful task of cleaning out "that cabinet" under the kitchen sink. It's so much fun anyway, but especially when the disposal has apparently been broken for a few days and has dumped its contents into said cabinet.

The dishwasher has standing water in the bottom of it that we can't seem to find the magical button to drain. We are leaving tomorrow on a fourteen-hour journey to family for Easter, which seems to be bad enough in itself. Add in one eight year-old with sensory problems, for whom a fifteen minute car ride is just short of full-blown torture.

Wow. I'm looking forward to it even more now! Did I mention that (of course) I am still running the laundry that needs to be done before I can start to pack?

If you don't already know me, I am a glutton for punishment. I have decided that (again, of course) we WILL be doing schoolwork all of this short week so that we can (check it off in the planner) continue along our path. So now I am officially getting ready to tear my hair out.

But, in the midst of changing laundry, scooping water out of the dishwasher, making sure the pan under the garbage disposal is not too full, and refereeing Bug's calls for more Wii time, Firefly and I managed to sit down to read Robin Hood. Slowly, Bug and Turtle crept in quietly to join in and listen. The next thing I knew, all kiddos were engrossed in the story, and Bug and Firefly were both busily drawing their versions of the legend.
Since I had their attention, and that doesn't happen often, I snuck in the next chapter of history reading, which had to do with (will wonders never cease?!) Richard the Lionhearted, King John, the Magna Carta, and (wait for it . . .)Robin Hood!!

I could almost see the light bulbs coming on! "Oh--that's the Prince John from the story! That's why Robin Hood didn't like him!" Classical Conversations songs were being sung (the one that starts . . ."English King John, signed the Magna Carta. . ."(There was something about Robin Hood's tail and furry ears from Bug, but I blame that on the Disney movie, lol!)

It was exciting. Learning was fun! My under the sink cabinet still smells bad. My dishwasher still will smell bad soon if I can't get the water out. I still won't be packed until sometime in the early morning hours. We still have to ride fourteen hours. But I got to be at home with my kiddos today when they had their "A-Ha" moment. What a blessing.

Thank you for MY A-Ha moment, today, God.


  1. The Ah-Ha moments help to balance out the What-Was-I-Thinking moments! :P

    Sweet story...glad you shared it.


  2. Danielle, I love your comment! You are so right!! Thanks for checking in.



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